Moments to Harmony is a 4-step centering tool to creating Joy!

45 Inspirational Photos to connect with nature & the harmony within you.

Breathe into the moment and release the chaos surrounding you.

Center into your Calm place for a moment every day!

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{About the CARD DECK}

Moments to Harmony includes 48 cards sized 3.5” x 5” packaged in a silk organza bag with accompanying easel for display. Each card has a beautiful photograph and a word of inspiration on one side. On the back side of the card you will find the reminder of the 4 easy steps to create your moment of harmony. Great gift idea for family or friends to sit on someone’s desk or counter to bring inspiration into their daily life. The Moments to Harmony deck is about meditation and inspiration through photos.

{Why the card deck was created}

Moments to Harmony was created out of my desire to inspire others by the beauty in the world around us. I have loved great adventures to see beautiful sites around the world and wanted to share them with you. So many clients always suffer with being able to focus and get still for even a moment in their busy lives.  This deck of 48 cards helps guide you into a daily practice with 4 easy steps that could be done in just a few moments of your time. You deserve to have a few moments to connect with your inner harmony to promote feelings of joy.